Does Bluetooth+ have a live view feature? Where is it? Can I have it?
Sadly live view is not possible with current Blackmagic cameras. Their Bluetooth implementation does not offer the bandwidth for this, and their API makes no allowances for it. Perhaps a future camera will make this possible.
Why don't I have Focus Marks on the Focus page of the app?

If you have a Blackmagic camera with an EF mount - Pocket 6K, 6K Pro, or Ursa Mini Pro - setting focus marks isn't possible. This is because on the EF mount cameras, we don't have any information on absolute focus position.

On the Pocket 4K we can say, 'Hey lens, I want you to go to 75% of your total focus distance.' And away it goes.

On the EF mount cameras, we can only say, 'Hey lens, I want you to focus a little closer (or further) than you currently are.' With no reference point to where it was focussed before, or where it is focussed now.

'Ah!' I hear you say, 'but I'm using an EF mount camera and I see the lens' focus distance right there on the screen.'

This is true, but this is only a very rough estimate, reported by the lens, and not something we can use to pull focus in any smooth, repeatable way.

Hope that makes sense!

I'm having trouble connecting to my camera. What should I do?

There are a couple of things that you can try if you're having trouble connecting to your camera via the Bluetooth+ app.

I have previously connected to my camera, but can't seem to connect now.

First you will want to remove your camera from your mobile device's Bluetooth settings.

iPhone + iPad

On your Apple device, go to Settings -> Bluetooth, then find your camera. This should look something like A:123ABC4D. It will correspond to your camera's Hardware ID (this can be found in your camera's Setup menu page - you might need to scroll through a couple of pages to find it).


Coming soon.


Next, clear all known mobile devices from your Blackmagic camera.

To do this, go to the Setup tab of your camera's settings menu. Scroll to the Bluetooth menu, then tap the 'Clear All' button.

Now try to connect to the camera again through the Bluetooth+ app.